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"Parsek" specialists guarantee entire technical support of the company's production. Complex of technical support includes:

  • design of specialized ADCs according to the customer's request;
  • visiting the customer to install and set the equipment purchased;
  • providing software support;
  • consulting;
  • after-sales service of the equipment.

In this section technical specifications of our production as well as updated versions of software support are available. If you have any questions or requests, please, do not hesitate to contact us at parsek@dubna.ru.

Specifications - in this section (see the right column) complete specifications of "Parsek" production as well as references to self-dearchived archives with Word '95 descriptions are available.

Interface descriptions -in this section self-dearchived archives are available. They contain:

  • complete interfaces descriptions;
  • examples of PASCAL programs that can help to configure programs of data processing correctly to meet your tasks.


Demo-version of PACP_demo is available here. It sustains work of all cards of our production in the mode of multichannel spectrometric analyzer. Together with the program file in zip-archive, the help file "help" and 2 spectra: Rad.spe - radium spectrum and Co.spe - cobalt spectrum. Spectrum files can be read by PACP_demo program to achieve better visualization when working with the demo version



Interface descriptions:

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